NT Government Brochures


I recently completed an eight month contract working for Northern Territory Government for the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics (DIPL) as a Communications Officer. This is a collection of works completed throughout my time with DIPL.

Some of the works include:

  • Galiwin’ku Rebuild Project Brochure – This was my first project upon starting with DIPL. I was required to source the content, copy and photos and then design the final flyer. The job also included photoshopping images to ensure all images were clean and high quality for printing. This particular project entailed seeking out information on the project through multiple sources, designing the brochure and having it approved through the correct channels and then liaise with the Print Management Unit to get it produced in a tight time frame.
  • Palmerston Roads Brochure – This was a mail out to residents in the Palmerston Region showcasing the extensive road network upgrades, explaining to residents what projects were still underway, finished or just beginning. This project involved working with multiple internal project managers to ensure each project had the correct information and details. Also creating the map and icons for showing the different types of projects currently underway.
  • Driverless Bus Trial Brochure – The driverless bus trial required an A4 to DL sized brochure to hand out to participants on the day. The brochure explained the technology being used and asked participants to take an online survey for their thoughts on their experience. This brochure was one in which many people and stakeholders had a say, requiring many additions and changes to the artwork from the original concept.
  • Palmerston Regional Hospital – This was a brochure being put out quarterly to update residents in Darwin and Palmerston about the progress of the project. This project is a key government promise to the Territory people and it was paramount to keep them informed of the process and the progress.

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