Safe and Sound | 2014 – 2015 
This client has been a return customer many a time and is slowly building her branding and marketing material. She started a new company in Canberra in which she visits parents and potential parents homes and helps them to create the safest place possible for little ones. The client wanted to have pink and purple as her colours as she felt this best represented her and her business, the icon was created to show the parent holding the child in a ‘lock type’ configuration – and the house to show her predominant focus.

Body FX | 2015 
This client wanted a logo that would incorporate her new personal training and exercise company, whilst also incorporating a colour referencing Herbalife, as her and her business partner were also consultants and wanted the logo to reflect this.

Infinity Belle | 2015 
Kellie wanted a feminine logo which encapsulated her and her beauty business, she asked for something to incorporate butterflies and the infinity symbol.

Baby Goods Direct | 2014 
This was a refurbish logo project in which I needed to revamp the clients’ existing branding without alienating her existing customer base. It was made to appeal to parents of both boys and girls, as is their product offerings, and it was requested to modernise the logo.

Little Laundry | 2014 
A beginning business with the little people in mind, this client wanted the logo to convey her purpose of business to customers from the outset. It was then also created into stickers and tags to create tags for the clothing.

Cutie Pies Couture | 2014 
I had a client return to me after having her logo completed previously as she had decided to specialise into vintage and couture clothing for little girls. The branding had to reflect this and use lots of cursive lettering and feminine colours.

Fit Sand | 2014 
A new personal training company starting out – where all workouts are completed at the beach. The client wanted the sand to feature somewhere and something that conveyed a fitness aspect.

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