A collection of logos created throughout my freelancing – many of these designs have given me a pretty flexible and open brief where they weren’t too sure of what they wanted in the beginning. I was able to hone in on the important stuff and really nail the brief for the customer. As you’ll see – many of my clients on here have also had wonderful things to say in my Testimonials page!

Paws for Thought | 2012 
As part of a university driven assignment, I was required to put a campaign together for a social issue or a cause that was important to me. I decided that rather than to create something fictional, I could use this as an opportunity to give my design skills to lend a hand to a charity. What started as an idea for a slogan to people to ‘pause for thought’ on whether they were in a position to take on a pet for life, and thus creating my “Pet’s for Life” campaign – I decided to use the play on words ‘Paws for Thought’. It was after I found the group on Facebook , already named that and which really touched a nerve (a cause very close to my heart), when I decided to contact the group and see if I could help them to brand themselves and thus get more instant recognition. I am delighted to say that this has turned out to have been an excellent decision, and one I love that I was able to take on. You can see all the work I have completed for Paws for Thought HERE.

Lemon Slice Dècor| Dec 2013 
This client required a logo for her online linen business, and wanted something that incorporated the name and the actual business’s trade. I was able to make reasonably quick design decisions and the client was happy with the outcome.

Bambino & Beyond Memories| Nov 2013 
This was a design created for a start up photography business, who wanted to be able to help families document their children as they grew up. The client requested something a little more rustic and with more personality to it. I was able to capture the nature of the business and the style the client sought.

Cutie Pies | Nov 2013
This was for an online childrens’ vintage store, this logo was great to get me into the girly side of things, and I had a lot of fun playing around with intricate vintage fonts and characters. In the end we came back to a more simple and resolved version.

Wireless Bluetooth Solutions | Dec 2013 [Ongoing]
A start up business in Darwin for small wireless Bluetooth devices that can play music synced from your mobile, I was able to play with some concepts and come up with a design. I was able to work with the client to get to this point of the re-branding (which will include web redevelopment, pull up banner design, business cards, flyers). I look forward to continuing the process with the client. [Logo at current stage]

All Class Energy Raters | Jan 2014 
This logo was for a freelance energy inspector for houses, in order for houses to be approved they must attain 6 stars in terms of thermal qualities of the house, and the eco-friendly aspects and energy efficiency. In short, it could have been a truly intricate logo – however both the client and I decided that we wanted to keep it simple and create a simple icon that would communicate the business objectives.

Cars & Dinosaurs | Feb 2014
The client wanted the logo to be appealing to children and reflect the main business, all whilst keeping it fun and appealing and looking professional.

Hatched Designs | Feb 2014
I have been completing freelance design for Carly of Hatched Designs and she decided that she wanted a new logo to better represent her business. After seeing the work I was creating for her clients she commissioned me to design her logo.

Tony’s Masonry | Feb 2014
I was fortunate to be able to design a logo for a New York based Masonry company, the client wanted the logo to be able to be easily recognized and simple in design. I provided the client a version with his slogan, without and as an icon only logo so that he could apply it as he required.

Bringing up Baby | March 2014
This design was for Bringing Up Baby, which is a maternity concierge and consulting service that aims to assist new and expectant families with education, resources and personalized support in preparation for their change in life. Bringing Up Baby also focuses on services for families of young children, educating and assisting in transitional periods, learning opportunities and navigating through the ever growing web of early childhood educational issues. The logo was designed to portray the growth of a young child, to show the business as being there not just in the beginning, but as a support to families.

NT Portable Housing | April 2014
This logo was for a small start-up business in the Northern Territory. The client wanted something to showcase his company as literally as possible, so that the audience would immediately understand the company and it’s services.

This is just a snippet of my work for clients in terms of logo creation – I feel that these reflect my ability to create logos for all types of companies and thus proving I have versatility in the market.

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